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Interplay Between Ethical Requirements for Attorneys and Mediators
Melanie Worsley J.D. & Lloyd Swartz J.D.
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
11:30am to 12:30pm
1 KS CDRE Ethics Hour – Approved
1 KS CLE Ethics Hour – Approved

Once you register and pay, you will be sent the Zoom link the day before the webinar.  If you pay on the website, you will be using HMA’s PayPal account. You may also mail a check to HMA’s P.O. Box in the signature address. Click this link:  (This webinar will not be video-taped to watch at a later date) You need 6 KS CDRE hours for your KS 2022 state approval including one Domestic Violence hour or one ethics hour.

Interplay Between Ethical Requirements for Attorneys and Mediators
Melanie Worsley J.D. & Lloyd Swartz J.D.

During this CLE/CDRE, participants will be presented with six fact patterns pulled directly from the disciplinary office and asked to identify the Kansas Rule of Professional Conduct that was violated. After discussing how the scenario relates to legal ethics, participants will then be asked to analyze the scenario in light of dispute resolution rules. Finally, participants will be asked to discuss the interplay between the ethical requirements for attorneys and for mediators, including exploring whether there is any tension between these two different sets of requirements.

Melanie Worsley is an Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department at Washburn University. She earned her JD from Washburn University School of Law and is a licensed attorney in Kansas. Melanie became interested in alternative dispute resolution in law school and became a Kansas court-approved mediator in core and parent adolescent mediation after graduation. Beyond having an appreciation for the role mediation can play in helping parties, she is a firm believer that mediation training teaches invaluable conflict resolution skills that can be used in other professions. Melanie is working with community members and groups to create opportunities for Washburn students to get core mediation training and mediation experience so they can work to become Kansas court-approved mediators and develop communication and conflict resolution skills that will help them succeed in their future careers.

Lloyd C. Swartz recently retired. He served as a municipal court judge for Junction City and then Topeka.  Prior to going on the bench Lloyd was active with the beginning of ADR and mediation as it developed in Kansas. He worked with Midland Mediation, engaged in employment, ADA, US Post Office, special education, and a multitude of other types of mediation and conflict management. He was of counsel with GLENN, CORNISH, HANSON AND KARNS in Topeka, Kansas involved in mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and many other ADR activities. Currently on the panel of Due Process Hearing Officers and Mediators for the Kansas State Department of Education, Lloyd is delighted to be able to focus once again on the ADR work that he enjoys.

HMA Member: $20
Non-HMA Member: $35
Full Time Student: $10

Future One Hour Webinars Scheduled for 2021: Wednesday: 11:30am to 12:30pm

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  • Wednesday: : February 17, 2021 – Topic: Healthcare Dispute Resolution – Vickie Kumorowski J.D. -Requesting 1 CLE & 1 CDRE Hour

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