Heartland Mediators Calendar

COVID-19 is affecting all our lives in ways that we have never imagined.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those personally impacted by this virus and to all in adjusting to the new reality of our world.

While these are uncertain times, the Board will be moving to create remote trainings to meet the needs of our members.  Uncertainty will not hinder our association, or our society for that matter, from moving forward.  Training is and will continue to be the cornerstone of our efforts.

Until we determine what our organizational and societal “new normal” are or will be, we are all encourage to reach out to neighbors and friends just to say “Hi”. Take care and reach out if you have questions,

Melanie Worsley, President

Feel free to contact Janet with your questions. 913-956-7620 – HeartlandDisputeResolution@gmail.com