Heartland College of Mediators

Heartland College Recognizes 
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa
Mediator Training Accomplishments

Commencing with the first Heartland Regional Conference in 1999, mediator organizations in the Midwest have joined together periodically to provide quality training and continuing education to dispute resolution professionals in addition to training offered by each organization. The Heartland College of Mediators was been formed in 2007 to confer recognition upon those mediators who have pursued continuing education at various levels.  The College has a board composed of representatives from statewide mediator organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Mediators interested in acknowledgement of their educational attainments may apply for recognition in three categories:

A “member” of the College has completed six hours of eligible training.

A “scholar” has completed 20 hour of training

A “fellow” has completed more than 50 hours of training.

Eligible training includes plenary sessions and workshops offered at Heartland Regional Conferences, training on conflict theory, mediation skills, or substantive issues offered by member organizations (HMA, AMM, IAM, NMA) and other training co-sponsored by a member organization with approval of the College Board. An application for membership is available on the HMA website.

Mediators may become associated with the College upon completion of the minimum hours designated.  Applications may be submitted to the registrar with the registration fee of $25 at any time.  The Board will maintain a record of eligible training completed by each associate.  Associates may note their category of association with the College as “(category), Heartland College of Mediators” and will receive a certificate for each level of attainment.  Associates will be recognized by the College Board at each Regional Conference.

Click here to download the Heartland College of Mediators Application.