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Heartland Dispute Resolution Association
HDRA (Formerly HMA)
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
11:30am to 1:30pm
Workplace ADR: Stressors, Struggles, and Strategies
Karen L. Anderson & Bree A. Bacalis


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“Workplace ADR: Stressors, Struggles, and Strategies”
Karen L. Anderson, business communication specialist and mediator
Bree A. Bacalis, nurse practitioner and clinical educator

 Part 1: The Current Business Story 

We will investigate changing business conditions and contributing factors to understand disagreements and behaviors in today’s work environments and cultures. People’s priorities have shifted, and businesses have had to pivot as a result. Dilemmas revolve around redefined expectations and work ethics. Optimal performance and productivity depend on agreement. Framed in ADR, our conversation will reflect our recent workplace realities and effective strategies to use. 

Part 2: The Human Story inside the Business Story 

We will identify the human responses to uncertainty, isolation, abuse, and trauma. We will review the Stress Response Cycle, the mechanism and symptoms of trauma, and effective strategies to use. As mediators, attorney/mediators and other dispute resolution professionals, we must navigate parties through differing perspectives, life experiences, and brain physiology to help them find agreement. Our conversation will focus on increasing our awareness of and our empathy for the parties we serve.  

What participants will learn: 

Part 1: The Current Business Story 

  1. The recent and current business culture 
  2. 12 areas of frequent workplace conflict 
  3. Possible ADR methods in the workplace 
  1. 10 steps to resolution 
  2. Clarks’ 8 communication interpretations 
  3. 7 performance issues 
  4. Why SMART goals are incomplete 
  5. 7 work ethics 
  1. Diversity and protected classes 
  2. 7 warning signs of non-inclusion 
  3. How representation matters 
  4. Shades of delegation 
  5. 8 ways to show curiosity through questioning 
  1. 8 unproductive behaviors to stop 
  2. The HIDDEN Agenda (TM) 

Part 2: The Human Story inside the Business Story 

  1. An overview of stress in the workplace: pandemic, chronic, PTSD 
  1. Concerns for effective reasoning and communicating 
  2. The 4 stages of the Stress Response Cycle 
  3. The mechanism of trauma 
  4. The 10 Adverse Children’s Experiences 
  5. The symptoms of trauma 
  1. Effective strategies for helping people with their trauma 
  2. Improved practices for the workplace 


How attorneys can benefit: 

  1. Recognize how misunderstandings and miscommunication causes conflict 
  1. Understand how stress and stress responses contribute to conflict 
  2. Learn practical strategies to share with your clients 
  3. Recognize and understand how trauma plays a part in your clients’ conflicts 
  4. Be able to effectively coach your clients to avoid unproductive behaviors 
  5. Increase empathy for your client 
  1. Improve your understanding of your client’s interests and needs 
  2. Recognize signs of non-inclusion, alienation, and bias 
  3. Counsel your client in achieving self-agency and personal accountability 

Karen L. Anderon, M.A., CTD 
Educator, Mediator, Speaker, Author 

 Karen L. Anderson is a professional educator with degrees and certifications in high school, college, graduate, and corporate learning methods and programs. She has taught for the University of New Mexico, Adams State University, the University of Oklahoma, Rockhurst University, St. Paul School of Theology, and Johnson County Community College. Her courses have included behavioral sciences, interpersonal and written communication, presentation skills, and leadership strategies for youth and adults of all ages. Karen’s studies have included learning modalities, neurolinguistics, business law, education law, human resources, sociology, criminology, and psychology.  

Karen has lived in 11 states and delivered training in 48. She began her mediation career in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she worked with a team of dedicated professionals to establish a peer-mediation program for high school students. She co-taught a program for Pueblo Indian teens to boost self-esteem and counter alcoholism and suicide. Once she moved to Kansas, she applied to the Kansas Supreme Court for approval in Core and Civil Mediation. She has studied Domestic Mediation, Conciliation, Mediator Coaching, and recently received Kansas approval for Parent-Adolescent Mediation. She has created and presented 12 Mediation programs and 10 Business Communication programs in addition to teaching multiple Business Leadership courses. 

As an editor, author, classroom teacher, supervisor of secondary teachers, the director of a Kansas City charter school, the principal owner of a construction company, a corporate trainer and coach, the president of ACTS-ion Solutions, LLC, a blended and extended family member, grandmother, and a mediator–Karen has eclectic experience in alternative dispute resolution.  

Bree Bacalis, FNP-BC, AGACNP-BC 
Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Educator 

Bree Bacalis has been an Emergency Nurse Practitioner within the University of Colorado Health System for many years. She has witnessed how varied experience can promote resilience and adaptability. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Biology, her career started as a firefighter and an Emergency Medical Technician. She soon found her empathy and compassion paired well with her enjoyment of emergency services. Soon after that, she completed a B.S.N. from University of Northern Colorado, and she became a critical care registered nurse supporting patients and families fighting for life and quality of life.  

Moving forward in her nursing career, she achieved a master’s degree as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from the University of Colorado at Pueblo. Her board certifications include family, adult, and gerontology practice. She has nurtured a patient panel, supported acute rehab patients, and navigated the challenges of an international pandemic through the lens of an ER provider. 

Recently, Bree took on the challenge of Director of Clinical Education with the Gunnison (Colorado) Health System. As a lifelong learner, she currently studies mental health in an advanced certificate program. She enjoys rafting, whitewater kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking with her family.  

Through adventures, challenges and disaster responses, Bree has experienced trauma, witnessed trauma and the effects of trauma, and has mediated multiple emotional conversations in workplace and healthcare settings. 

Future Webinars Scheduled for 2022: 3rd Wednesday every month: Start time: 11:30am

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                                 Date                                                         Topic

  1. November 16, 2022: Interplay Between Ethical Requirements for Attorneys & Mediators

               Melanie Worsley, JD & Lloyd Swartz, JD (1 CLE Ethics and 1 CDRE Ethics)

  1. December 21, 2022: Family Arbitration 101 – Larry Rute JD (1CLE & 1 CDRE)

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