Speaker’s Bureau

The Heartland Board established a one-year pilot project to educate the public about the benefits and availability of dispute resolution.  This project created a short list of speakers who agree to make presentations on a variety of dispute resolution topics to groups who request such a speaker.  The Board will evaluate the project during and after the one-year pilot.  If it is successful, the list of speakers will be slowly expanded.

We initially started with members who teach or taught mediation and as a group have mediated different types of cases and are located geographically across the state.  We had to limit the number in the northeast part of the state because that is where most of our members are located.

Click here to download a list of Speakers and Bios.

We are asking our members to let the organizations with which they are members about the Speakers Bureau or send us the names of organizations we can contact.  An abbreviated list of possible topics includes:

  • Domestic
  • Civil
  • Parent/adolescent
  • Restorative Justice
  • Workplace
  • Neighborhood
  • Public Policy
  • Elder
  • Juvenile, Truancy

Please contact Art Thompson or Janet Lhuillier if you are interested in a speaker.

Art Thompson:
C: 785.249.1414

Janet Lhuillier (Lu-will-yer)
B# 913-956-7620