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Dr. Phil Stahl is having his 2nd Covid vaccine at the same time he is supposed to present at the HMA Webinar the afternoon of March 5th. He gave HMA the option to move the time up on Friday March 5The webinar is now going to be March 5 at 11:30am to 1:30pm CST. I know some of you will not be able to change your schedule around to attend the new time for the webinar. I will be happy to refund your money if you cannot attend the webinar Friday March 5th from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Phil and I are sorry for the late change in the HMA webinar. The bad weather the last two weeks delayed his last Covid vaccine and they set his last vaccine appointment Friday afternoon March 5th.  I am going to keep everyone on my registration list. I will only need the people to email me who cannot attend.

Janet // HMA

HMA Webinar
March 5, 2021
11:30am to 1:30pm cst
Cognitive and Implicit Bias and the Risk of Errors in Logical Thinking
Dr. Philip Stahl
Approved 2 KS CDRE Hours
Approved 2 KS CLE Hours

Cognitive and Implicit Bias and the Risk of Errors in Logical Thinking
Dr. Philip Stahl

Research has shown that humans faced with decision-making in complex areas have a tendency to engage in heuristics which lead to over-simplification of the complexity. Heuristics such as anchoring or confirmatory processes often lead to errors in our thinking. Similarly, research has shown that humans have a strong tendency to gather unconscious and immediate reactions to people based on observable characteristics such as gender, size, race, and others which also affect the ways in which judgments are made.

In this lively workshop, Dr. Stahl will present some of the research and use videos and real-life examples to explore such cognitive and implicit biases, and then discuss the growing research on how to reduce the risks of such biases affecting our decision-making.

Dr. Philip Stahl is a Board certified forensic psychologist in private practice, living in Southern California, who provides consultation and expert witness testimony in child custody litigation throughout the United States and North America. His primary area of specialty is relocation, including complex international relocations. Dr. Stahl is licensed in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Michigan. He conducts workshops and training throughout the United States and internationally for lawyers, child custody evaluators, and others working with high-conflict families of divorce. He is on the faculty of National Judicial College, teaching domestic violence to judges since 2000, and regularly speaks at state judicial colleges. www.parentingafterdivorce.com

HMA Member: $40
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